MMA’s Legalization In New York Will Come Down To Money

Written by Tim Ngo
January 11th, 2010

The on again/off again talks regarding mixed martial arts’ legalization in the nation’s largest sports market is starting to gain some momentum as assemblyman Jonathan Bing is trying to talk some sense into the New York senate.

According to Bing, denying the fast-rising sport of MMA access to Madison Square Garden is costing the state up to $50 million per year and it’s time to capitalize on those funds.

“It really makes no sense that we can put billboards up in Times Square to advertise an event when we can’t host it down the street in Madison Square Garden,” Bing told DNAinfo.com.

The New York Daily News is also reporting that New York Governor, David Patterson, will propose the legalization of the sport at a January 19th budget plan.

If the sport makes it to NYC, a UFC event in the entertainment mecca would make an estimated $11.5 million, while an event in Buffalo would net a cool $5 million.

Those who once said the sport was “too barbaric” should take a page out of Garth Algar’s book and, “live in the now.”

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