Dana White: “I Think [Floyd] Mayweather Blew This Fight”

Written by Tim Ngo
January 13th, 2010

UFC president Dana White went on another verbal assault yesterday as he blamed Floyd Mayweather for ruining a blockbuster match with Manny Pacquiao.

“I think something happened to Floyd in his last fight, something wasn’t there that used to be there, something weird. I truly believe his legacy means more to him than money does,” White said of Mayweather.

Many people had blamed Pacquiao for his unwillingness to agree to Olympic-style drug testing up until two weeks before the fight, however White states that boxing fans should be pointing the finger at Money.

“Me and Floyd go way back … I think [Floyd] blew this fight,” White said. “When another fighter starts dictating a drug test, first of all Pacquiao’s never tested positive for any drug but Floyd’s going to make him go through drug testing? That’s ridiculous.”

Most might think White was screaming like a schoolgirl when this fight fell though, however he feels the complete opposite. While appearing on 106.7’s Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes, the former amateur boxer stated that there was nothing more he wanted than to see those two mix it up.

Oddly, White believes there is plenty of room for both combat sports, but boxing keeps shooting themselves in the foot and he doesn’t mind staring at them in his rear-view mirror as they do it.

“Does [that bout not happening] hurt me either way? No I don’t think so, boxing and mixed martial arts can exist,” White explained. “That fight not happening is insane, it makes no sense to me.”

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