Koscheck Plans to Fight Twice in 60 Days

Written by Tom Ngo
October 17th, 2008

UFC Welterweight Josh Koshcheck has confirmed that he still intends to take on Yoshiyuki Yohshida on December 10th at Fight Night 16 “Fights for the Troops,” if he is able to survive his bout against Thiago Alves at UFC 90 on October 25th unscathed. On Monday, Koscheck stepped in as a last minute replacement for an injured Diego Sanchez to meet Alves, in what most would consider a top contender matchup for the UFC 170-pound title.

During the UFC 90 conference call, Koscheck confirmed his intentions to pull double duty. Although his intentions are good, the chances of it actually coming to fruition is a completely different story.

Alves is one of the division’s top fighters, winning six consecutive Octagon bouts. All but one of those devastating wins came in some form of a knockout. Therefore, chances of Koscheck getting the medical clearance required for a 45 day turnaround is unlikely.

On Tuesday, Yohshida’s camp also stated that Koscheck may still be facing the Japanese fighter on the December 10th card, even though he is fighting Alves at UFC 90.

“Yoshiyuki ‘Zenko’ Yoshida is fine with fighting Koscheck even though he is taking on Thiago Alves on October 25th,” Yoshida’s manager Shu Hirata told MMAWeekly.com. “UFC only informed him that ‘maybe’ (he will fight Diego) Sanchez if Koscheck is not healthy for December 10.”

The UFC is aware that Koscheck most likely won’t be available, and are in the process of finding an opponent for Yoshida. There is a possibility that Sanchez, if healthy, could step in to fight Yoshida.

“Nothing is concrete in terms of possibility for fighting Sanchez, so for now Yoshida is just concentrating on Koscheck,” Hirata said. ”Yoshida has seen almost all of Koscheck’s fight on DVD so right now he is only thinking versus Josh Koscheck.”

The Japanese fighter currently holds a 10-2 record, 1-0 in the Octagon. He submitted War Machine in the 1stRound via Anaconda Choke at UFC 84.

This certainly was a devastating week for Sanchez. First he injures himself just weeks before the biggest fight of his career forcing him to pull out of his top contender matchup against Alves, and now he possibly has to fight Yoshida, leaving the 170-pounder to wonder where he fits in the deep UFC welterweight totem pole.

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