KJ Noons Tells His Side of the Story

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
October 20th, 2008

EliteXC officials did everything they could to put together the re-match between Nick Diaz and KJ Noons. They even threatened to strip Noons of his title if he didn’t sign the contract. But, Noons was beyond fighting Diaz as he told MMANews, “What gain is there for me in fighting a guy I have already beat, there is no financial gain and there is no gain for me in world rankings?”

“Well first of all, the reason the fight with Nick never happened was because I wasn’t fighting a guy for three times less money,” Noons explained of the potential discrepancy in pay.

The fight that Noons had asked EliteXC for was actually against Eddie Alvarez, but the only fight he was offered was against Diaz. With a win over Alvarez, Noons thought that it would at least move him up in the lightweight rankings, but EliteXC didn’t give him the fight.

After being stripped of his title, Noons is no longer under contract with EliteXC and is now going to do freelance boxing while waiting for another opportunity to come.

“I am really interested in a Takanori Gomi fight or any top lightweights at the 155lb or 160lb for that matter,” said Noons.

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