Randy Couture on Brock Lesnar: “He Will Be Back”

Written by Tom Ngo
January 12th, 2010

Although there are conflicting reports regarding UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s future, Hall of Famer Randy Couture says he recently spoke to a “very upbeat” Lesnar, who told him he had finally begun training after suffering multiple illnesses.

The ever-classy Couture said he tried to reach out to his former foe just before Christmas and wish him well. Although he was ultimately able to get Lesnar on the line, Couture likened getting in touch with the champion to that of the Pope.

“[Brock] said that he was training again, he wasn’t cleared yet to get on the mat. But he was back in the gym training and that he felt way better,” Couture told Steve Cofield of his chat with the former WWE employee.

Lesnar also told Couture that he’d “be back this spring” and that things are looking much better for him than before.

UFC president Dana White stated he is unaware of Lesnar’s status and that he could be MIA for up to two years because of major surgery, however that’s not what Couture heard.

“Unless something’s changed, it sounded like he’d already had his surgery and got the situation under control,” said Couture.

If you want to see Couture’s interview with Cofield, just press play below:

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