Eddie Alvarez Reveals ‘Simple’ Strategy To Beat Conor McGregor

Written by Tom Ngo
February 11th, 2016


Rafael Dos Anjos, you might owe Eddie Alvarez (pictured) dinner because he just revealed the “simple” strategy that will easily derail the Conor McGregor hoopla train.

Alvarez’s game plan for McGregor isn’t groundbreaking, but he says it is shocking that others haven’t employed the most obvious blueprint to ground the standup specialist.

“For me, it’s a very simple fight for RDA to win, but he needs to implement a ground attack,” Alvarez stated on The MMA Hour. “If he don’t, I honestly feel like he can get knocked out, just like the other guys Conor was able to knock out. But he can’t allow it to be mostly of a striking.

“I hate when guys who are from a BJJ background and a good wrestling background abandon their whole base and their whole fundamental because a lot of guys around them are telling them that they’re really good strikers. I hope RDA doesn’t do that. I hope he sticks to what he’s good at and wins the fight in a dominant fashion the way he can, the way I feel like a lot of guys can that aren’t doing it against Conor.”

Alvarez’s advice falls right into Dos Anjos’ wheelhouse. The Brazilian executed the exact same strategy to throttle Anthony Pettis to capture the UFC lightweight belt two fights ago. According to Alvarez, if Dos Anjos does the same thing next month at UFC 196, he’ll expose McGregor for the one-dimensional fighter he is en route to retaining his title.

“There’s a simple way to win against this guy and nobody seems to be doing it. It’s really frustrating to watch,” Alvarez added. “I feel like he’ll look foolish. I honestly feel it could be an embarrassment. It could be like everyone in the crowd going, ‘Wow, that was it? Why didn’t anybody else do that?’ It could be that surprising to people. That’s how I feel. We just haven’t seen him there.”

The argument is that Chad Mendes attempted a ground attack against McGregor and still found himself on the wrong end of a TKO defeat. Alvarez counters that you need to be in condition and enjoy a full training camp in order to implement his game plan.

Mendes, who took the fight against McGregor on 17 days’ notice for the interim featherweight title, was dominating in the opening round, but simply ran out of gas in the second stanza and found himself on McGregor’s highlight reel footage.

“The guy hasn’t been in the fight we need to see him in,” Alvarez said in closing. “Nobody’s implemented an attack and when someone does, it’s over. This whole show’s over. The whole goddamn spectacle’s over. I don’t know why no one’s doing it. It’s very frustrating.”

There you go, Dos Anjos. You’re welcome.

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