Anderson Silva And Michael Bisping Get Separated After Verbal Jabs (Video)

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
February 12th, 2016

UFC Anderson Silva

What appeared to start out as friendly turned fiery real quickly between former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva (pictured) and Michael Bisping during Thursday’s UFC Fight Night 83 media day in Torrance, CA.

Silva was conducting a media scrum as cameras rolled. Bisping made a beeline for him to hammer home a point – let’s make sure our February 27 fight is a clean one.

“There he is. See you in London, my friend,” Bisping said as he approached a smiley Silva.

“Yeah, see you. Good luck, buddy. Say hi to the family,” Silva responded as they shared an awkward embrace.

No big deal, right? Not until Bisping went all Bisping on “The Spider.”

“No Viagra,” Bisping said as he started to walk away.

Bisping, of course, was referencing the mysterious blue vial from Thailand Silva consumed for months leading into his last fight against Nick Diaz. Silva claimed the capsule was to help him with his sexual performance and was completely unaware it contained Drostanolone.

Silva flunked multiple UFC 183 drug tests for multiple performance-enhancing drugs and was suspended for one year.

Silva told Bisping he’ll be leaving the Viagra at home, but he will pack a knuckle sandwich with “The Count’s” name on it, much to Bisping’s dismay.

That appeared to really get Bisping heated, as he then went after the credibility of Silva’s legacy given his last failed drug test.

While flashing his customary smile, Silva then fired off perhaps the best jab of the exchange, “I understand your frustration for never going for the belt.” The best part of that line was they were hugging again while Silva said it.

After being separated, Bisping took to Twitter to continue his disdain for Silva.

The O2 Arena in London, England hosts the scrap. UFC Fight Pass will stream the entire event live in America.

Please click the media player below to watch the exchange:

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