Does ProElite’s Demise Hurt or Help the UFC?

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
October 22nd, 2008

When a major competitor drops out of the running, you would think that the biggest fish in the pond would be the beneficiary. That may not necessarily be the case when you break down yesterday’s announcement of ProElite closing its doors on Friday.

Yes, ProElite has lost somewhere in the ballpark of $60 million in their two years of existence, but they do have some usable pieces that are very attractive to potential up-and-coming competitors.

The UFC and Affliction are now the biggest boys in the yard, but ProElite has opened the door for many other smaller promotions to get their feet in the door.

With promotions like Strikeforce, American Fight League, Adrenaline MMA, DREAM and World Victory Road all at least on the UFC’s radar, there’s a wealth of talent that organizations can snatch up before the UFC does.

Dana White and company have always prided themselves on their ability to develop talent through their “Ultimate Fighter” reality series, but what’s the next best thing to developing your own talent you ask – getting talent that’s already developed.

Names like Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, Kimbo Slice, Gina Carano, “Cyborg” Santos, Scott Smith, Robbie Lawler and many more will be available to fight for any and every organization. ProElite has already done all of the grunt work of promoting these fighters to the best of their ability and making them somewhat household names.

There is no way that the UFC will pick-up all of the fighters that ProElite had under its umbrella, and that’s where promotions like Affliction, DREAM and everyone else will be able to step in and hopefully continue building on what ProElite couldn’t finish.

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