Dana White Critical Of Referee In Donald Cerrone Stoppage

Written by Tom Ngo
February 22nd, 2016

UFC Dana White

It’s not quite the infamous emoji game JJ Reddick, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce and Chandler Parsons ignited this summer while in pursuit of free agent DeAndre Jordan, but UFC president Dana White (pictured) still got his point across with his emoji after Donald Cerrone’s submission victory over Alex Oliveira at UFC Fight Night 82.

The welterweight affair, which served as Sunday’s featured attraction, only lasted two minutes and 33 seconds, but it was the finish where White ripped into referee Mario Yamasaki.

Wow is right, Dana. Not just one thumbs down emoji, but FOUR?

White is essentially saying that Yamasaki, Yamasucki’ed last night. Sorry, had to…

Yamasaki’s only defense would be that a fighter doesn’t typically tap that quickly to a triangle choke when his own arm isn’t swung completely across his neck to strengthen the choke. Then again, he was standing just feet away staring at Oliveira as he was patting Cerrone’s stomach to stop.

What did Yamasaki think Oliveria was doing, unleashing light, open-handed slaps in defense?

It really doesn’t get anymore embarrassing considering Cerrone did Yamaskai’s job for him by pointing out the tap.

Oh, well. Things could be worse for Yamasaki. Imagine how many thumbs down emojis White would have unleashed had the referee been Steve Mazzagatti.

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