CSAC Upholds Silva's Suspension

Written by Tom Ngo
October 22nd, 2008

The California State Athletic Commission announced today that they will uphold their decision to suspend EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva for one year after he tested positive for Boldenone. Silva’s suspension is retroactive to the conclusion of his bout at “Unfinished Business” on July 26th, and he is still responsible for the initial fine of $2,500 as well.

From the beginning, Silva vehemently denied any wrongdoing after his test results were initially announced:

“Dear Family, Friends, Fans and Public, I did not use the steroid Boldenone, or any other steroid of prohibited substance,” Silva released in a September statement. “I don’t agree and never have agreed with the use of this kind of product in order to win, for this is cheating. I will go to the full extent of my power and the law to prove my innocence in this matter.”

It is rare that substance suspensions ever get overturned, so Silva knew that the odds were against him.  By the time he is eligible to fight again, it will be interesting to see where the talented heavyweight lands, as his former employer, EliteXC,  announced this week that they have filed for bankruptcy.

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