Georges St-Pierre Discussing UFC 200 Comeback

Written by Tom Ngo
March 6th, 2016

UFC Georges St Pierre

Don’t call it a comeback, Georges St-Pierre (pictured) has been taking a break for years. And as of right now, he’s still quasi-retired, but at least the former UFC welterweight champion is in talks to return at July 9’s historic UFC 200 extravaganza.

The rumor mill went nuts Saturday when St-Pierre was sitting front and center watching UFC golden boy Conor McGregor make his UFC welterweight debut against Nate Diaz at UFC 196. St-Pierre hasn’t been seen at a UFC event as a spectator since voluntarily relinquishing his belt to “take a break” from MMA in November 2013.

McGregor, the UFC’s current cash cow, fighting at welterweight, the division GSP used to own. Let’s connect the I’m-not-impressed-by-your-performance dots, people.

The unfounded theory was a victorious McGregor would call out St-Pierre for a blockbuster showdown at UFC 200. Well, McGregor was submitted by Nate Diaz so that potential video promo was flushed down the toilet rather quickly.

Regardless, UFC president Dana White claimed St-Pierre vs. McGregor was never in the cards.

No, that was a coincidence,” White said at the UFC 196 post-fight press conference of St-Pierre’s presence revolving around a potential bout with McGregor. “Some other people were asking me tonight, ‘Was he going to call out Georges.’ That was never a plan.

“[Georges coming back is] still a rumor. Georges just wanted to come to the fights tonight. Have we been talking to Georges? Yes, we have. But who knows? I, honestly, right here, right now, I don’t know if Georges still wants to fight. I don’t know.”

White then appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter to reiterate that St-Pierre was merely in attendance as a fight fan.

“Georges wanted to come tonight. He was in great spirits, seemed like he was having a good time,” White said. “We’ll see. Who knows.”

And before ESPN analyst and former UFC star Chael Sonnen could finish his question of the McGregor call out rumor, White interrupted and shot it down.

“That’s not true,” White deadpanned.

However, Sonnen dug deeper and inquired if White is at least having a “conversation with Georges for UFC 200.”

“Yes,” White said in closing.

According to boxing coach Freddie Roach, St-Pierre was going to start a six-week trial training camp around the start of December. He would then assess if his skills and hunger were where they needed to be in order to return to the game that made him a world famous multimillionaire.

It is unknown if that trial camp ever took place, or if it did, how it went.

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