Nate Diaz Partying, Not Triathlon Training Prior To Conor McGregor Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
March 8th, 2016

UFC Nate Diaz

Just when you thought the legend of Nate Diaz (pictured) couldn’t grow any larger, it just has. Prior to taking center stage against Conor McGregor at UFC 196, UFC commentator Mike Goldberg reported on the pay-per-view broadcast that, while Diaz did accept the fight against the UFC’s golden child on just 11 days’ notice, Diaz was in tiptop shape because he had been training for a triathlon.

Goldberg might want to check his sources, because if by “training for a triathlon” he meant boozing it up on a yacht in Cabo San Lucas, then yes, Diaz was training very hard for his upcoming triathlon.

According to Diaz, he was partying it up when got the call to serve as a last-second substitute against McGregor.

“I wasn’t trainjng for a triathalon before this fight I was on a yacht in cabo gettin my chillax on wit my dudes @gilbertmelendez and crew before I got the call but #alwaysreadyforwar in season or not,” Diaz posted with the video below on his Instagram account.

So it appears Diaz wasn’t joking when he said at Saturday’s UFC 196 post-fight press conference that he was on vacation when he got the offer to face McGregor.

“I had to come into this fight straight fat-boy-off-the-beach-in-Cabo, but it’s all good,” Diaz stated after submitting McGregor in the second round. “I won because I’m the superior martial artist.”

Diaz appeared in the best physical shape of his career in December’s unanimous decision victory over Michael Johnson in a lightweight affair. McGregor was quick to point out how flabby Diaz appeared around his belly last week prior to Friday’s weigh-ins for their welterweight fight, calling Diaz a “fat-skinny guy.”

Well, it looks like the fat-boy-off-the-beach-in-Cabo bod has surpassed the dad bod in 2016.

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