UFC Commentator Keeps Promise, Gets Nate Diaz-Inspired Tattoo

Written by Tom Ngo
March 10th, 2016


You know that stupid tattoo you got of your girlfriend’s name because you knew you’d be together forever, only to regret the ink after you broke up a week later when she cheated on you?

UFC commentator Jon Anik (pictured) now has a funny story to tell about the “209” tat on his forearm, too.

Anik stuck his foot squarely in his mouth last week on his “Anik Florian Podcast” with UFC color commentator and former UFC star Kenny Florian when he predicted Conor McGregor would finish Nate Diaz within the first round at UFC 196.

Anik was so confident that McGregor would wax Diaz, who accepted the fight against the UFC’s golden child on just 11 days’ notice, that he upped the ante on himself.

“I like the Diaz brothers, so I would actually be okay throwing that 209 on the forearm. But yes, I do think it’s a huge ask for Nate Diaz, so I will get my first tattoo of my life at 37-years-old if Conor McGregor loses Saturday,” Anik stated.

As we all know by now, 209 is the area code of Diaz’s beloved hometown of Stockton, California.

Diaz was rather irked that a UFC employee would publicly make such a confident prediction, which prompted Anik to apologize to Diaz via Twitter, “Massive fan of yours. Was a lot more to what was said. Sorry for my comments and any misunderstanding. Not at all my intention.”

The story gained solid traction, so Anik would have to keep his word. There was not putting the toothpaste back in the tube at this point.

Things were looking good for McGregor, and Anik, in the opening round, but then the second stanza rolled around and the nearly 4-1 underdog Diaz rallied for a shocking submission victory.


“Looking for the finest tattoo artist in South Florida. All hail Nate Diaz. Honored to pay tribute to the Diaz bros. & an all-time great win,” Anik tweeted immediately after McGregor tapped.

Oh, and don’t think Diaz forgot about Anik’s prediction and promise.

“Yo. Yo. Yo. Jon Anik better get a motherf*****g 209 tattoo or I’m gonna whup his little ass,” Diaz said to close out UFC 196’s post-fight press conference.

Well, Anik proved he is a man of his word Thursday. The Bostonian is now officially repping the 209, fo life:

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