UFC Fight Night 85: Neil Magny vs. Hector Lombard (Video Highlights)

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
March 19th, 2016

UFC Neil Magny

Referee Steve Perceval sure loves to watch guys getting unnecessarily punched in the head. Neil Magny benefited from Perceval’s leniency in the opening minutes of his fight against Hector Lombard, but then he was stunned Perceval just stood there as a nearly lifeless Lombard laid flat on his belly eating countless punches to the dome.

As expected, Lombard came out fast and dropped Magny with a left. He swarmed on his injured opponent, but Magny did a good job of avoiding power shots and did just enough to prove he was still fighting back. Things were looking really good for Lombard, but most feared that he would gas out if he wasn’t able to finish Mangy off right then and there.

Magny weathered “Showeather’s” storm, and Lombard gassed, as expected.

Magny started to find his groove in the second round, keeping Lombard at bay with his long reach. However, Lombard dropped him again, but couldn’t finish him off again.

Magny nearly locked in a triangle choke, though the lanky welterweight couldn’t get Lombard to tap. He moved to full mount and started dropping bombs. Lombard rolled over on his stomach to better protect himself and ate countless punches for nearly two minutes.

Perceval just watched. Lombard’s hometown crowd even booed the referee at the end of the second round for not stopping the assault. Magny walked back to his corner baffled there was going to be a third round.

That’s OK, though. Magny sealed the deal just 43 seconds later.

Magny scored an additional $50,000 for a “Performance of the Night” award.

UFC Fight Night 85 took place inside Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane.

Please click the media player below to watch the highlights:

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