Dana White: Jon Jones Will Never Be Who People Expect

Written by Tom Ngo
April 1st, 2016

UFC Jon Jones

For years opponents and fans have accused former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (pictured) of being “fake” because his behavior in public completely counters his actions in private.

From the trolling social media videos that he deletes seconds after posting them for fear of the backlash, to the Christian lifestyle that he portrays yet has three daughters from two different women, neither of whom are married to him, Jones is the epitome of a walking contradiction to many.

The controversial 28-year-old gets into trouble because he thinks nobody’s looking, then makes what he believes to be a sincere apology when the cameras are rolling.

The perfect example of Jones’ multiple sides was encapsulated in a 30-minute span in his 2014 rumble with Daniel Cormier in the MGM Grand lobby. Jones and Cormier appeared on SportsCenter immediately after to discuss the melee, where an articulate Jones presented himself to be very remorseful about the impromptu brawl. Then, when Jones thought the cameras and mics were off, he asked Cormier, “Hey, pussy. You still there?”

DUI, cocaine, hit-and-run after a late night of partying where marijuana paraphernalia was found in his car, drag racing, verbally abusing a cop on video – the list goes on and on as to why Jones isn’t living up to other’s expectations of how a role model should behave.

UFC president Dana White offers up a simple solution for that – don’t have any expectations for Jones the person, because he will never be who you want him to be. Appreciate his undeniable skills inside the cage, and accept his undeniable blunders outside of it.

“I don’t think Jon Jones is ever going to be the Jon Jones that people expect him to be,” White told TMZ Sports. “I think Jon’s going to do Jon. I think that Jon tried so hard to play the good guy for so long, it drove him crazy. Jon is just going to be Jon now.”

Jon is going to be Jon now. Albuquerque motorists, you have been warned.

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