Conor McGregor Claims He’s Headlining UFC 200 Again, UFC Silent

Written by Tom Ngo
April 25th, 2016

UFC Conor McGregor

Did Conor McGregor (pictured) beat the UFC or did the UFC cave to his demands? Either way you look at it, McGregor claims he is once again headlining UFC 200 after getting pulled from the historic event last week after refusing to hop on the UFC’s private jet from Iceland to attend Friday’s UFC 200 press conference in Las Vegas to promote the July 9 extravaganza.

Here’s the tweet McGregor issued late Sunday night announcing his return.

The only problem is, nobody from the UFC has confirmed McGregor is indeed back in the event. So, either McGregor is toying with his bosses (again), or he actually is back and he merely beat the UFC to the announcement punch.

This soap opera began last Tuesday when McGregor unexpectedly announced his retirement from mixed martial arts at the age of 27. The UFC’s biggest cash cow initially gave no explanation as to why he was walking away when he was set to rematch Nate Diaz at UFC 200.

Two hours after McGregor’s “retirement,” UFC president Dana White revealed that McGregor did not think it was in his best interest to break camp in Iceland and make the trek to Las Vegas just to sit at a podium and answer the same questions over and over again. White yanked McGregor from the lineup and said they would arrange a new main event for UFC 200.

McGregor subsequently confirmed what White said two days later in an extended Facebook rant. Because he’s looking to rebound from March’s shocking submission loss to Diaz that, just this once, he would like some “leeway” from the UFC since he’s generated $400 million for the promotion over his past three fights. McGregor said he wasn’t retired and was ready to go at UFC 200.

During Friday’s press conference, where Diaz was present despite not having and opponent to face, White was asked numerous times if the door was completely shut on allowing McGregor back on the card. White was adamant that it “wouldn’t be fair to the fighters here who made it to the press conference.”

Although McGregor claims he’s won his standoff with White, nothing is official until the UFC makes it that way.

The saga continues…

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