Affliction Has Fighting Words for UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
October 24th, 2008

UFC President Dana White is notorious for his bully-like attitude towards his competitors. Time and again he has taken shots at Affliction in their attempt to be a legitimate contender to the UFC’s dominance in the U.S. market. Up until now, Affliction has taken the high road, failing to allow White to bait them into a verbal war. That was until this week, when Affliction co-owner Todd Beard went on “The Scott Ferrall Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio and finally fired back…BIG TIME.

“They are not just threatening it (Affliction’s business), they threaten us personally, which is hysterical,” Beard told host Scott Ferrall. “Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, they are tough guys — old school mafia guys, or wanna-be old school mafia guys that their grandfather built their business and they are nothing. They’re nothing.”

Beard went on to state that the Fertitta brothers, Frank and Lorenzo, have run their family business of casinos into the ground, amounting a massive debt that they will be unable to climb out of.

“They put their business five billion dollars in debt,” Beard said in reference to Station Casinos in Las Vegas. “They’re in big trouble right now. They are going to go out of business in February. Guaranteed. Station Casinos will go out of business in February for sure. Lorenzo Fertitta, kiss my (expletive) ass, mother (expletive)!”

And of course no verbal war would be complete without having White involved as Beard said, “Dana White, by the way, the t-shirt guy is gonna (expletive) your ass up!”

For months White has been trying to get under Affliction’s skin by telling them that they should leave the MMA business to the professionals, and go back to doing what they do best, which is making t-shirts.

This radio interview came after the two sides had completed their follow-up conference call, which allegedly took place on Monday. Affliction was set to make a counter offer to the UFC regarding a potential partnership. The agreement would have been for the UFC to lift their ban and allow Affliction to once again sponsor their fighters, if Affliction agreed to stop promoting MMA events.

Rumor has it that the conference call ended very badly, with both sides firing expletives at each other, particularly Lorenzo and Beard. This interview certainly adds validity to the reports, and it appears that Affliction is now in the MMA game for the long haul, as this has gotten very personal.

“They’re a bunch of bullies,” Beard stated. “They think they’re gangsters and they’re going to get their asses kicked. And they’re getting their asses kicked right now.”

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