Chris Weidman Details Neck Injury That Forced Him Out Of UFC 199

Written by Tom Ngo
May 18th, 2016


Former UFC middleweight champion Chis Weidman (pictured) wanted to make something perfectly clear Wednesday, one day after an undisclosed injury forced him out of his UFC 199 instant rematch with champ Luke Rockhold – he did not want to pull out of the sequel.

Weidman revealed a neck injury that he has always been able to manage since his high school wrestling days turned into a “large extrusion herniation” that hit a nerve and shut down his triceps and forearm area. He will likely undergo surgery to correct the issue.

“Just wanna make sure you know this is a fight I refused to pull out of no matter what,” Weidman expressed on his verified Facebook page. “I was never in better shape, more healthy, motivated, confident and excited for a fight in my life. I also felt I was the best fighter I have ever been and made some great improvements.

“When I finally woke up on Saturday, which is a sparring day, I had severe vertigo which I never experience before. I was losing my balance and not walking straight and the neck was worse then ever. So I got scared and ended up going to an urgent care where they sent me to get a MRI. I then found out I had a large extrusion herniation, which was stuck on a nerve that shuts down the tricep and and forearm area.”

Weidman said he was perfectly content with powering through the pain in hopes of reclaiming his throne, but the epidural that he was hoping would be his savior proved to be ineffective. After a few days of constant pain that prevented him from sleeping, Weidman, under the pressure of his team and loved ones, decided that he needed to put his ego aside.

The 31-year-old will be out between six to 12 weeks, depending upon which surgical procedure he and his doctors choose to pursue.

“I am being told I’m going to need surgery. Either they take the disc out or they fuse it and I have to meet with surgeons today to figure out what they will do,” Weidman added. “The good thing is it is c6-7 which is low in the neck, so I will have full range of motion either way and will be back better then ever. I’m told it’s six-to-eight week recovery for the disc coming out and twelve weeks for a fusion. Even though it’s very hard for me to see a bright side right now, the one silver lining I’m focused on is the timetable would allow me to fight on that NY card in November.”

As of now, it is believed the UFC intends on keeping Rockhold in the June 4 event. Rematches with either Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Michael Bisping, who Rockhold already holds wins over, are the early front-runners to land the gig.

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