Jon Jones Busted For Two Estrogen Blockers In UFC 200 Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
July 18th, 2016

UFC Jon Jones

During Monday’s Nevada Athletic Commission hearing, it was announced UFC interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (pictured) tested positive for two estrogen blockers in the June 16 out-of-competition drug test administered by the USADA that forced his removal from UFC 200.

According to NAC attorney Caroline Bateman, hydroxy-clomiphene, “an anti-estrogenic agent” and letrozole metabolite, an “aromatase inhibitor” were discovered in both Jones’ A and B samples. Both substances are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency during in- and out-of-competition periods.

The NAC placed Jones on temporary suspension until he can stand before them at a formal hearing later this year. The troubled 29-year-old is facing at least a two-year ban from MMA if found guilty.

From a cheating standpoint, estrogen blockers can help restart natural testosterone production.

Just 12 hours after getting flagged for a potential anti-doping violation, a teary-eyed Jones held a press conference denying any wrongdoing. The most decorated light heavyweight champ in UFC history fingered a tainted, unnamed supplement.

Jones claimed he has taken the exact same supplements from day one and was shocked that he had flunked the first drug exam of his illustrious career. He then contradicted that statement shortly after by saying he had started taking some “new supplements that have nothing to do with enhancement.”

Also, Jones used to be sponsored by Six Star Nutrition. He is now sponsored by GAT, so he hasn’t been taking the exact same supplements from the beginning.

GAT subsequently issued a statement claiming nothing they have provided Jones would cause him to test positive for any banned substances.

What also didn’t help Jones’ defense in the court of public opinion, where professional athletes are presumed guilty until proven innocent when it comes to performance-enhancing drug use, is that he admitted to being aloof when it came to vetting the supplements he put into his body.

“I was very aware that everything needs to be documented leading up to the fight, and I didn’t really stress that whole thing,” Jones stated at his press conference. “I just know in my heart that I would never take anything that [would] enhance me in any way. So I didn’t even feel the need to jot down anything. I guess I didn’t really think this could ever happen. I never even thought I was in the grey area where I would have to worry about jotting down the things I have to take.”

Jones was slated to face light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in a title unification bout in UFC 200’s featured attraction. After getting yanked from the bout just three days before showtime, Anderson Silva stepped in at the 11th hour to drop a landslide unanimous decision to Cormier in a non-title tilt.

UFC 200 took place July 9 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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