Alves Wants the Belt Now

Written by Tom Ngo
January 29th, 2009

American Top Team welterweight Thiago Alves says that he is ready for a title shot, and his actions inside the UFC’s Octagon have confirmed that he is indeed the division’s top contender. Alves has compiled an impressive 9-2 record in the UFC, winning seven consecutive bouts, including his dominating victory over Josh Koscheck at UFC 90. It is tough to deny that his time has arrived, as he will be watching UFC 94 rather intently.

“I want a title shot you know,” Alves stated at the UFC 90 post-fight press conference. “I’m right there. I don’t see anybody else next and I’m really hoping for a title shot not.”

Currently, the welterweight belt belongs to the world’s top ranked 170-pound fighter, Georges St-Pierre. He will be defending his title in the most highly anticipated rematch the division has ever seen against BJ Penn at UFC 94 on January 31st. Alves may be just as excited as GSP and Penn for that fight to take place.

“I think I’m ready, but it’s up to Mr. Dana White and the UFC management to tell me that,” Alves stated. “It doesn’t really matter who it is. I’m here to do my job and fight whoever. Whoever’s the champion, I’m ready. I just want to get the belt.”

He has shown steady improvement since entering the UFC three years ago. Alves is one of the division’s biggest and strongest fighters, and it is hard to argue that anyone else has greater knockout power. In addition to that, his takedown defense is currently at a world-class level, as evidenced by his ability to easily fend off Kosheck’s multiple attempts. Koscheck is one of MMA’s most talented wrestlers.

During his current run, he has taken out some of the division’s best. Before he defeated the aforementioned Koscheck, he dominated former two-time champion Matt Hughes, and knocked out another elite 170-pound contender in Karo Parisyan.

Either way, Alves is ready for what the UFC decides is next for him. At the youthful age of 25 he knows that he has time on his side, but clearly his time is now.

“I don’t want to wait you know, but if they give me another fight I’ll just do my job,” Alves continued. “I love what I do and this is what I do.”

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