Conor McGregor Makes Big Financial Investment For Nate Diaz Rematch

Written by Tom Ngo
August 12th, 2016

UFC Conor McGregor

How much does this rematch with Nate Diaz mean to Conor McGregor (pictured)? Over a quarter of a million dollars.

The UFC featherweight champion estimates that he’s dropped roughly $300,000 to ensure he’s working with the best in preparation for UFC 202.

“With gyms, cars, transport, flights, accommodations — I’d estimate we’re talking a $300,000 camp here,” McGregor told ESPN.com. “This is a big, big expense — but what I make is big. So, in the bigger picture, it’s rather small.”

This is true, $300K is a drop in the bucket for what McGregor will pocket for their August 20 sequel. McGregor made a disclosed salary of $1 million for their initial UFC 196 matchup, but that figure doesn’t include any discretionary bonuses, primarily his percentage of the show’s pay-per-view pie.

Prior to the March contest, McGregor boasted that he would “breeze past $10 million” for the outing. UFC 196 was one of the promotion’s most successful, if not the most successful (depending upon who you ask – ahem, McGregor).

Diaz made a flat disclosed salary of $500,000 at UFC 196. However, it has been reported he cracked seven-figures for the first time in his career after receiving his discretionary bonuses.

McGregor’s highly anticipated rematch with Diaz is expected to surpass the massive PPV number UFC 196 posted, so it’s clear why McGregor isn’t afraid to shell out what he feels is necessary to avenge his shocking submission defeat.

As if losing to Diaz on just 11 days’ notice as a heavy 5.5-1 odds-on favorite wasn’t bad enough, two straight losses to Mr. 209 would be an even more devastating blow to the McGregor brand, even if both bouts took place at welterweight.

Hopefully for McGregor, and the UFC, his lefty investment will pay big dividends.

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