‘UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor II’ Live Results And Play-By-Play

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
August 20th, 2016


The time for talking is finally over. “UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor II” goes down Saturday night inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC Fight Pass streams the first three preliminary bouts live starting at 6:30PM ET/3:30PM PT.

Fox Sports 1 airs the remaining four prelims at 8PM ET/5PM PT. The pay-per-view broadcast begins immediately after at 10PM ET/7PM PT.

The heavily hyped welterweight rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor headlines the festivities. Diaz submitted McGregor in March on just 11 days’ notice at UFC 196.

A light heavyweight shootout with former top contenders Glover Teixeir and Anthony Johnson serves as the co-main event.

Here are tonight’s official results and play-by-play for the main card:

Preliminary Card:

(UFC Fight Pass 6:30PM ET/3:30PM PT)

Marvin Vettori Defeats Alberto Uda via submission (head-and-arm guillotine) at 4:30 in the 1stRound

Colby Covington Defeats Max Griffin via TKO (punches) at 2:18 in the 3rdRound

Lorenz Larkin Defeats Neil Magny via TKO (elbows) at 4:08 in the 1stRound

(Fox Sports 1 8PM ET/5PM PT)

Cortney Casey Defeats Randa Markos via submission (armbar) at 4:34 in the 1stRound

Artem Lobov Defeats Chris Avila via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Raquel Pennington Defeats Elizabeth Phillips via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Cody Garbrandt Defeats Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches) at :48 in the 1stRound

Main Card:

(Pay-Per-View 10PM ET/7PM PT)

Tim Means Defeats Sabah Homasi via TKO (punches) at 2:56 in the 2ndRound

Referee: Herb Dean

1stRound: Homasi kicks him in the body and Means counters with a left hook to the grill. Means unleashes flurry and caps it off with a knee to the face in the clinch. Homasi charges forwards for a takedown and trips him to the ground. Means gets up after avoiding damage. Means slips a punch and clinches him against the fence. They are trading leather. Homasi appears to be gassing already. Front kick to the body by Means. Homasi drives him to the canvas. Means landing vicious elbows to his arm. They’re back up. Means lands a combination and knee to the face. Homasi returns fire. Homasi is bleeding from above his left eye. Means tags him with a quick right jab. Means starting to find his groove. Short standing elbow by Means. Means is giving him the business to end the round.

5thRound scores it: Means, 10-9.

2ndRound: Means should finish this shortly, and he knows it. Big knee to the midsection by Means. He follows up with some punches to the face. Homasi is in survival mode, but isn’t quitting. Means is just stalking him. He tags him with a knee to the face and is going to town. It appears to be only a matter of time. Means is clocking him with several unanswered punches. Game over.

Mike Perry Defeats Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (punches) at 3:38 in the 1stRound

Referee: John McCarthy

1stRound: Perry slips a punch and drops him with a right hook. Lim manages to get back to his feet. Lim appears to have recovered and is landing some solid punches. Perry has had enough of that and drops him again with a right. Perry is giving him the business. It’s a wrap.

Donald Cerrone Defeats Rick Story via TKO (strikes) at 2:02 in the 2ndRound

Referee: Herb Dean

1stRound: They come out fast. Cerrone catches a kick and drags him to the mat. Story works hard to sweep and gets to his feet. He has Cerrone clinched against the cage. Story trips him to the ground and Cerrone immediately goes for a triangle choke. Story fights to side control. Story takes his back. Cerrone eating punches from behind. Story nails him with a big knee to the body. Cerrone gets loose. He nails Story with a knee to the body. He follows up with a leg kick. Cerrone tags him with a one-two combo. Story misses on a wild right hook. Cerrone is far sharper with his hands.

5thRound scores it: Cerrone, 10-9.

2ndRound: Cerrone working kicks this round. He stuffs a takedown. Cerrone connecting with several standing knees to the body. Cerrone charges forward and clocks him with two unanswered right hands. Big leg kick by Cerrone. Story looks confused. Cerrone wobbles him with a flurry of rights and kicks. Story is in big trouble. He falls to the mat in the fetal position. Cerrone is bringing the pain. Dean finally brings a halt to the assault. That finish was masterful by Cerrone – right to the face, left to the body, right to the face, kick to the face spelled the beginning of the end.

Anthony Johnson Defeats Glover Teixeira via KO (punch) at :13 in the 1stRound

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

1stRound: Well, then. Johnson puts Teixeira out cold with a right uppercut in a matter of seconds. Johnson threw one punch all fight, and it was lights out. Johnson is a scary dangerous mofo. Teixeira was so out of it he was trying to single-leg Miragliotta after the fight was called.

Conor McGregor Defeats Nate Diaz via majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

Referee: John McCarthy

1stRound: McGregor starts out with two leg kicks. He’s thrown several so far, so it’s clear that’s the game plan. Nice combo by McGregor. He drops Diaz with a left and wants no part of him on the ground so he lets him back up. Diaz has recovered from the flash KO. McGregor really working that leg kick and Diaz is starting to show signs of limping. Diaz firing away. McGregor looks very sharp. Diaz isn’t checking any of these and his thigh is already turning purple. McGregor scores with several punches before the horn.

5thRound scores it: McGregor, 10-9.

2ndRound: McGregor attacks the legs again. He drops Diaz again with a left and lets him back up. Diaz needs to find a way to change momentum. He floors Diaz again with a left. McGregor looks phenomenal. Diaz needs to try and clinch if he can. Diaz starting to score with some punches. He has McGregor on his heels. That should help with preventing more leg kicks. Diaz rocks him with some punches and has him clinched against the fence. McGregor could be in trouble but there’s only 30 seconds left in the round.

5thRound scores it: Diaz, 10-9.

3rdRound: Diaz’s lead right leg is thrashed, but he appears fresher than McGregor. Diaz needs to keep moving forward to prevent kicks and take McGregor’s power away. Diaz continues to pepper punches. He has McGregor clinched against the cage. McGregor gets loose and clocks him with a left. Diaz continues to charge forward and talk smack. Diaz catches a kick and clinches him against the fence. Clinching is something Diaz needs to do more of to wear the smaller McGregor out. McGregor thwarts a takedown try. McGregor gets free and Diaz taunts his winded opponent as he walks away. McGregor is game, but it appears the momentum has swung to Diaz and he knows it. Diaz coming with combos. Diaz is swarming him with punches against the fence. McGregor is still standing.

5thRound scores it: Diaz, 10-9.

4thRound: McGregor lands a big leg kick. McGregor is very active with his hands. Diaz’s face is bloodied. McGregor wobbles Diaz with another leg kick. He follows up with a body kick. McGregor is coming with it this round. Diaz gets a body lock but can’t get McGregor down. He has McGregor against the fence. Diaz tags him with two knees to the body. They trade elbows to the face. McGregor eats a one-two combo, but answers with a counter right. McGregor found his second wind in this round. Diaz’s face is a bloody mess.

5thRound scores it: McGregor, 10-9.

5thRound: McGregor starts things off with a leg kick. He misses with a flying knee and Diaz gets a clinch out of it. Diaz can’t take him down. McGregor gets free. Diaz’s right eye is a mess. Diaz has him moving backwards. Diaz had a double-leg but couldn’t get him down. He still has McGregor against the fence. Diaz lands a nice combo and McGregor walks away. Diaz flips him off for walking away because he’s tired. Diaz continues to get McGregor against the cage and lands punches. Diaz scores with a big elbow. He’s smothering McGregor against the cage. Knee to the body by Diaz. McGregor thwarts another takedown with 90 seconds to go. McGregor can’t get his back off the fence. He finally reverses position and should separate. He trips Diaz to the ground for a brief moment. Diaz gets back up and clinches him against the fence. Diaz tosses him to the ground and lands some punches before the final horn.

5thRound scores it: Diaz, 10-9, and should win, 48-47.

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