Rachelle Leah Bares All About Playboy Cover

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
October 30th, 2008

Now that everyone has had time to check out Rachelle Leah’s Playboy spread at either a newsstand or on the Internet, you should know that it almost didn’t happen. Almost. Leah was concerned about what her parents would think when she got the phone call. “I told them I really wanted to do it, but I wouldn’t do it unless they said they were cool with it,” Leah explained to ESPN.

Although well-known amongst MMA circles, Leah is a relatively obscure figure as the sport itself continues to grow into the mainstream. It also doesn’t help that she rarely appears in the UFC anymore.

Being naked for the public wasn’t easy for Leah, “it’s definitely a little awkward. It’s not like I walk around naked all day,” Leah explained.

We have chosen not to put up Leah’s Playboy spread, but members of our 5thRound Table Forums have put them up. You can click HERE to see them.

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