Brock Lesnar Receives Punishment For Failed UFC 200 Drug Tests

Written by Tom Ngo
December 15th, 2016

UFC Brock Lesnar

We can officially close the door on the circus that was UFC 200. During Thursday’s Nevada Athletic Commission hearing, Brock Lesnar (pictured) received his punishment for flunking two drug tests in his unanimous decision victory over Mark Hunt.

Lesnar was issued a one-year suspension, docked $250,000, 10 percent of his then-UFC record $2.5 million purse, and had his win over Hunt overturned to a no contest.

The terms of Lesnar’s agreement with the NAC were set before the hearing. Today was merely a formality that the committee voted unanimously to accept the terms of the prearranged agreement.

Of course, much of Lesnar’s penalties are moot. The former UFC heavyweight champion was on a “one-off” loaner from the WWE in order to headline UFC 200, and despite the hefty fine, he still made a disclosed salary of $2,250,000, which pales in comparison to the millions more he pocketed after receiving his percentage of the historic show’s pay-per-view sales.

Lesnar failed two separate drug tests for the anti-estrogenic agent Hydroxy-clomiphene. The first one was conducted during an out-of-competition screening by the USADA on June 28. The second one came the night of his July 9 fight against Hunt.

Lesnar, 39, has since gone back to the WWE. While he has hinted that he still might return to the UFC one day despite getting popped for cheating and his advanced age, Lesnar is likely done fighting for real.

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