Nate Diaz Fined $50,000 For UFC 202 Bottle-Throwing Brawl With Conor McGregor

Written by Tom Ngo
December 15th, 2016

UFC Nate Diaz

During Thursday’s Nevada Athletic Commission hearing, UFC star Nate Diaz (pictured) was fined $50,000, 2.5 percent of his $2 million purse to fight Conor McGregor at UFC 202, for his involvement in August 17’s UFC 202 pre-fight press conference melee where he and McGregor chucked bottled water and canned drinks at each other from across the venue.

Diaz was also handed 50 hours of community service.

The NAC didn’t release any further information regarding their agreement with Diaz.

The terms of Diaz’s agreement with the NAC were set before the hearing. Today was merely a formality that the committee voted unanimously to accept the terms of the prearranged agreement.

What’s surprising is, Diaz was the one who started the melee by flinging the first water bottle, yet he was fined half of what McGregor was – percentage-wise.

In October, the NAC docked McGregor $150,000 (5 percent of his $3 million purse) in addition to 50 hours of community service. An irate McGregor then vowed to never fight in Nevada again.

Per usual, McGregor arrived roughly 20 minutes tardy to the UFC 202 pre-fight presser. Diaz appeared agitated immediately after seeing McGregor hit the podium fashionably late. Diaz sat through a few McGregor questions, roughly eight minutes worth, before he had enough and bolted from the table with his entourage, flipping his nemesis the bird the whole way out.

“F**k your whole team, how about that?” Diaz shouted at McGregor.

“Shut your f**king mouth, you’ll do nothing. Not one of ya will do nothing. Get the f**ck out of here!” McGregor screamed back at Diaz and his crew, which included big brother, Nick Diaz.

Nate Diaz then threw a plastic water bottle in McGregor’s direction, and that’s when all hell broke loose. McGregor returned fire with any bottle and can he could get a hold of. Several people in Diaz’s entourage, including former UFC and Strikeforce star Jake Shields, heaved more bottles at McGregor.
UFC president Dana White immediately called the presser, “That’s a wrap. Sorry, guys. See you Saturday.”

McGregor went on to post a controversial majority decision win over Diaz in a thrilling back-and-forth battle three days later.

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