Dana White Calling Anderson Silva’s Bluff

Written by Tom Ngo
May 6th, 2017

UFC Dana White

Anderson Silva is threatening retirement if he doesn’t get his way. Dana White is calling Silva’s bluff.

Monday, Silva said he was sick of the UFC’s “bullsh*t” because they haven’t found him a suitable replacement for UFC 212 after scheduled opponent Kelvin Gastelum was yanked for flunking a drug test over marijuana.

Silva is demanding an interim middleweight title tilt against top contender Yoel Romero for the June 3 event, otherwise he’s hanging up his MMA gloves for good.

White, who has never taken ultimatums well, is not going to give the most decorated middleweight champion in UFC history his way. So, don’t let the door hit ya, Anderson.

“Every time I’ve, for the last however many years, deal with Anderson, it’s always interesting,” White told TMZ Sports. “Obviously he wants an interim title, obviously we’re not going to do an interim title.

“He’s coming out publicly, and you know my philosophy on that. If you ever say the ‘R’ word, you should probably do it anyway. If you’re ever considering retirement, you should probably do it.”

But Silva’s gonna retire if he doesn’t face Romero for the interim strap at UFC 212!

“We will not do an interim title. No. It will not happen,” White reiterated. “You know, Anderson’s mad. I didn’t pull Kelvin Gastelum out. Kelvin Gastelum smoked weed, and now he got busted, and you know we’ve done everything we could to make another fight for Anderson. So it’s nothing we did.”

Your move, Anderson. Sounds like White and the UFC have milked you for all you’re worth and are now more than happy to let you walk at the ripe old age of 42.

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