Brock Lesnar on HW Division: “Them Guys are [Expletive] Their Pants”

Written by Tom Ngo
January 20th, 2010

All was quiet on the Brock Lesnar front until the UFC heavyweight champion came roaring back today on SportsCenter and during an impromptu conference call shortly after. The controversial fighter broke his two months of silence in order to put HIS  heavyweight division on high alert.

“I’m getting ready for anybody and everybody,” Lesnar confidently stated on the media call. “I know the (fighters in the) heavyweight division are definitely back on their toes again because Brock Lesnar is back.”

For the first time since falling ill in early November, Lesnar addressed the world today to notify his fans he had contracted a “severe case of diverticulitis” which was believed to require a surgical procedure that would ultimately end his MMA career.

However, the small hole in his stomach miraculously mended on its own and the former WWE wrestler has received a clean bill of health. Now that Lesnar’s good-to-go, he’s focusing on gradually getting his MMA game back and dominating the Octagon that he was almost forced to leave behind.

Well UFC president Dana White, now that Lesnar is ready to defend his strap, who will be is first foe?

“In a perfect scenario, (Frank) Mir and (Shane) Carwin fight,” White said. “One of them wins, comes out healthy, and then we do the Brock fight.”

So Brock, if Mir claims the open interim title over Carwin at UFC 111, how are you going to be able to get pumped to face a guy that you THOROUGHLY TROUNCED for the title in your last outing at UFC 100?

“I don’t think I beat [Mir] as bad as I could, so for me to get my hands on that stalker again – Frank Mir has made it a mission of his life,” Lesnar said. “Frank Mir the stalker – it’s been a while since I’ve had a stalker, but we’ll take care of that if I ever face him again.”

White did suggest that IF either Carwin or Mir went down with an injury and couldn’t make their March 27th fight at the Jersey Shore, he already has Option B lined up as the victor of the UFC 110 scrap between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will then step in to meet Lesnar.

Whoever, whenever, it’s all good with Lesnar. Just let him know, he’ll be back in the office tomorrow.

“I’ll be back in the gym on Thursday morning,” Lesnar said. “I’m going to have a mini-camp. I’ll just sit back, I’ll sharpen my skills, and I’ll be prepared for either one of those guys. If it’s Nogueira, if it’s Velasquez, I know one thing, all them guys are [expletive] their pants right now.”

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