Georges St-Pierre Pulled From Michael Bisping Fight, Yoel Romero In

Written by Tom Ngo
May 11th, 2017

UFC Yoel Romero

Georges St-Pierre has been pulled from a middleweight title fight against champion Michael Bisping.

UFC president Dana White White, who announced the bout just two months ago without a definitive date or venue locked, said Yoel Romero (pictured) now gets the nod. St-Pierre is taking his sweet time in ending his nearly-four-year “break from MMA” and the show has to move on.

“I made this GSP fight. We did a press conference. The thing was supposed to happen in July,” White told FOX Sports Australia. “Michael Bisping is going to have to defend his title now. We’re not waiting for GSP. Georges St-Pierre was coming back. Bisping-St Pierre, they both wanted that fight. We asked Yoel to step aside. He did. It doesn’t look like that fight is gonna happen now.

“(Romero) doesn’t need to voice his opinion on why he needs a title shot. He definitely deserves a title shot. He’s next in line – he’s the No.1 ranked guy in the world.”

St-Pierre released a video earlier this week stating he’d be ready to challenge Bisping any time after October. That timeline clearly doesn’t work for White, so he decided to shelve the most decorated welterweight champ in UFC history.

“Georges St-Pierre is saying he will not be ready to compete now until November,” White said. “Who knows if that’s even the case? It could be next year. So we’re not waiting for Georges St-Pierre anymore. We’re moving on with the division, and Yoel Romero will get the next shot.”

White didn’t announce when Bisping and Romero will collide, but before November is a safe bet. He also didn’t specify what might be next for St-Pierre, the UFC’s former pay-per-view king.

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