Manager Blasts People Attacking Jon Jones In Facebook Rant

Written by Tom Ngo
August 24th, 2017

Malki Kawa is loyal, through and through, even if history and the odds aren’t on his side.

Kawa, who has managed Jon Jones for nearly a decade, lambasted outsiders for trashing the troubled UFC light heavyweight champion after yet another failed drug test, despite the fact the PED battle has only just begun.

The boisterous manager is adamant that Jones did not use the anabolic steroid Turinabol, which the USADA discovered in his system the day before he reclaimed the title by knocking out Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

Here’s the rant Kawa posted on his Facebook page about people jumping off the “Bones” bandwagon:

The amount of hate that everyone has towards jon jones with out any due process is beyond me. The messages I keep getting saying to “drop him” or “don’t take up for him” goes to show me how low this society is.

I stand with bones!

For anyone to think I would “drop” him like Him and I aren’t brothers is stupid.

I know how hard he worked to get back to where he’s at. This is definitely heartbreaking. He def didn’t cheat or use steroids. But I’m with him more now than the night he won the belt…. being there for the good times is what everybody would do. But who’s really there when times get bad?
I hope that you people pick your friends, wives/husbands and close confidants based on real stuff. Not who can celebrate when you’re on top. I’m not sure why this is happening to him again, or how even, but We’ll get to the bottom of it.

To those of you that truly support my brother and I, thank you! To those of you who say “drop him” you’re not doing me any favors by saying that. You’re not my friend nor my family. So a big “fuck you” to you and your “support”

So, how did Turinabol get in Jones’ system? Kawa has no idea. Kawa is praying for a false-positive error, which we’ll soon find out when Jones’ B-sample results return, but is highly unlikely because the USADA, the third-party company the UFC hired to conduct drug tests on their entire roster, prides itself in providing 99.99% accuracy on their screenings.

Is Jones being setup, as his teammate, Frank Lester, claimed after news broke Tuesday of Jones’ latest blunder? Highly unlikely, because who would benefit from concocting such a nonsensical plan?

The frontrunner to take the blame would be a tainted supplement. The defense makes the most sense, as other UFC fighters have received lighter sentences in proving so in court. This is a counter attack Jones is familiar with, as he executed it less than a year ago.

Jones could have been suspended two years when the banned anti-estrogen substances hydroxyclomiphene and Letrozale were found in his body just three days before his UFC 200 title unification bout with Cormier. However, Jones escaped with only a year-long ban after showing a Cialis-like pill his teammate gave him to improve sexual performance was tainted.

Jones promised he’d be more responsible with what he put into his body after that incident, which many believed was already enough to taint his GOAT-worthy resume. Are the USADA, California State Athletic Commission, the committee who sanctioned UFC 214, or fans supposed to believe Jones once again unknowingly took a banned substance before the biggest fight of his career?

Kawa is. He really has no choice. Jones was his first high-profile client, which he has since parlayed into other UFC stars and NFL players. Showing his blind devotion to Jones will only boost his own career.

Jones is the horse Kawa rode in on, and he’s willing to ride or die with him.

Because this is Jones’ second offense, the USADA could ban him for as much as four years if guilty.

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