USADA Clears Up Jon Jones’ Negative Blood Test

Written by Tom Ngo
September 1st, 2017

UFC Jon Jones

As it turns out, Jon Jones didn’t catch a break in his steroid case against the USADA.

On Friday morning, it was reported that, despite failing his urine drug test after the UFC 214 weigh-ins for the anabolic steroid Turinabol, Jones passed his post-fight blood test after knocking out Daniel Cormier to reclaim the UFC light heavyweight title the following night.

For those of us not in the PED know, the USADA offered up clarity as to how that was possible. According to the USADA, the independent company the UFC hired to conduct drug tests on their entire roster, Turinabol is only screened in urine and not blood.

Here is the USADA’s official statement regarding Jones’ contradicting test results (Courtesy of MMAFighting.com):

“Given that Mr. Jones’ agent has publicly commented on this case, we can confirm Mr. Jones provided a urine and blood sample on July 6th and an additional urine sample on the 7th — all of which were reported negative. On July 28th, his urine sample tested positive for turinabol — as confirmed previously — then after the fight he provided a blood sample that was reported negative.”

“The prohibited anabolic steroid turinabol is only tested for in urine screens and not in blood tests. Urine and blood screens are complimentary to each other and don’t analyze for the same substances. Importantly, Mr. Jones is innocent unless and until the established process determines otherwise. It’s only fair to let due process occur before jumping to any conclusions.”

Here’s a basic question – why not always test urine and blood, especially for title fights, just to cover all your bases? It’s not like lives, legacies and millions of dollars aren’t at stake or anything…

Jones hasn’t addressed the public since his failed drug test came to light 11 days ago. His team has come to his defense claiming their client didn’t knowingly take any performance-enhancing drugs. They believe it is from a tainted supplement … again.

Jones failed a drug test just last year for banned anti-estrogens hydroxyclomiphene and Letrozale. He was abruptly yanked from UFC 200 only three days before showtime and stripped of his interim light heavyweight title.

The troubled 30-year-old Jones is facing as much as a four-year suspension because this is his second offense under the USADA’s watch, fine, losing his reclaimed belt and having the win overturned to a no contest.

Jones is awaiting the return of his B-sample to confirm the results from his positive A-sample, which can take several more weeks.

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