Berkeley Cop Who Took Hot Dog Vendor’s Money Gracie BJJ Blue Belt

Written by Tom Ngo
September 12th, 2017

As it turns out, the most hated bicycle cop at UC Berkeley has MMA ties.

Officer Sean Aranas is apparently a Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt under the tutelage of Cesar Gracie.

You know what this means, right? That Aranas trains BJJ alongside Nick and Nate Diaz at the famed academy. Here’s to hoping the Diaz bros hold those locks and chokes on Aranas a couple extra ticks for bacon-wrapped hot dog lovers across the globe!

Aranas went viral over the weekend for all the wrong reasons when he was filmed by Berkeley alumnus Martin Flores for citing a hot dog vendor on the Northern California college campus.

Aranas ticketed the vendor, known as Juan, for operating without a permit, which is fine because Juan did not have permission to sell those delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs on-site. However, most of the www believe Aranas took things too far when he decided to take Juan’s wallet and confiscate all of the cash inside as “evidence.”

Flores was quick to point out that it was “wrong” to take money from someone trying to make a living, while ignoring the thousands of intoxicated people leaving the football stadium carrying open containers just 200 feet away. What makes one petty crime worse than the other?

Aranas didn’t have to cite Juan. UC Berkeley officials told the LA Times that three other hot dog vendors merely received warnings and were not penalized. But Aranas decided to puff out his chest and write Juan up, and it is within his duty to do so. As far as confiscating the money as evidence, that’s also in his job description.

The only problem there is, who’s to say all of the money inside the wallet was from hot dog sales? What if that was Juan’s money from something legitimate that was completely unrelated to hot dog sales?

Furthermore, it’s not as though Juan was mouthing off to Aranas to incite punishment. He was clearly shaken and followed every command.

Either way, everyone has an opinion on this. Most of the responses to Gracie’s post were in favor of Juan, including Ronda Rousey’s mommy, Dr AnnMaria De Mars.

For those of you who want to pile on Aranas, don’t. Someone has to put a stop to the vicious bacon-wrapped hot dog cartel.

Also, Flores set up a GoFund me account for Juan with the hopes of raising $10,000. At the time of publication it had reached $58,816 on 3,871 donations. Take that, bicycle cop Aranas!

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