Georges St-Pierre “Not Satisfied” with Knockout Ratio

Written by Tom Ngo
January 25th, 2010

Although UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre possesses MMA’s deadliest ground game, he isn’t pleased with the lack of highlight reel finishes on his resume, specifically of late.

“I’m not satisfied about my ratio of knockouts,” GSP told Tapology.com. “I have knockouts, but I want to bring my ratio up. I’m more powerful than I was, and by being more powerful I’m faster as well. Power is strength and speed together.”

St-Pierre owns a sick 19-2 professional mark, but the future UFC Hall of Famer’s career can be broken down into two eras if you wanted to dissect the champ’s KO stats; B.S. and A.S.

Before Serra and After Serra.

Prior to his shocking TKO loss to Matt Serra at UFC 69 in April 2007, St-Pierre held a 13-1 record with six of those victories coming via some sort of knockout. That’s an impressive 46 percent clip.

However, since losing his title to the overwhelming underdog, the French-Canadian morphed into the planet’s best ground guru, and even though he’s enjoying a 6-0 run A.S., emerging more untouchable each time he exits the Octagon against “the biggest challenge” of his career, St-Pierre has only ended two via knockout.

He viciously avenged his loss to Serra at UFC 83 to unify the title, however his anticlimactic TKO (corner stoppage) win over BJ Penn at UFC 94 lacked the explosive ending he was hoping for. However,  GSP vs. Penn II was as bad a thrashing any fighter could possibly unleash on an opponent, so St-Pierre shouldn’t feel too bad.

As dominant as he’s looked A.S., just like all the GREATS to grace their respective sports, GSP is selfish and he wants more.  Since humbling Thiago Alves at UFC 100 last July, he’s been in the lab tinkering with his nearly-flawless game and is promising to emerge bigger and badder than before.

“Right now, I’m about 190lbs. I’m bigger and I’m getting even bigger than I was, more powerful, and more explosive. I hit much harder,” St-Pierre emphatically stated. “We have been working on a lot of different stuff to make me hit harder and to give me more power on my strikes. It’s going to change a lot of things.”

GSP has the perfect opportunity to showcase his new-found punching power when he meets British slugger Dan Hardy at UFC 111.  So what the 170-pound king is basically saying is, expect there to be some violent fist-pumping action at the Jersey Shore on March 27th.

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