Faber Fighting for the Love of Fighting

Written by Tom Ngo
November 4th, 2008

The WEC’s most touted fighter will be taking the cage tomorrow against Mike Brown. It will already be the 29-year old’s 23rd professional fight. To most that would be enough to satisfy a career, however Urijah Faber has been able to compile an impressive 21-1 record during that span, winning his last 13 bouts. With that level of success, one can certainly see why he has been so anxious to stockpile fights. Winning surely helps, however to Faber, fighting is just plain fun.

“I just try to focus on the fact that I love this sport and I want to go out there and fight,” the featherweight champion told MMAWeekly.com. “I know all these guys are tough. It’s basically the combination of loving what I’m doing and understanding that it’s always something that can be taken away from me as far as being a champion if I let myself slip.”

Many fighters would be content with being a champion with a 95% winning percentage, however the charismatic kid from California feels that his career is just getting started. As MMA continues to increase in popularity, he intends to be one of the main fighters spearheading that surge.

“I think, for me, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime also,” said Faber. “My career is still young. Although I’ve had a lot of exposure thus far, I plan on doing bigger things in the sport. So, every time I go out there and fight it’s a big opportunity for myself as well.”

His next opportunity will be at WEC 36 against a very game Mike Brown, who is riding an impressive seven fight win streak himself.  The American Top Team fighter is a highly skilled opponent, and Faber is well aware that his title could be in jeopardy if he isn’t on top of his game.

“He’s just as dangerous as anybody I’ve fought,” Faber said about his opponent. “He’s very, very well rounded. He doesn’t mind striking. I watched the fight with Yves Edwards and he did some stand up with Yves, who’s a real stand-up guy. He’s submitted a lot of good guys, he wrestled in college, so the guy is all around a tough guy and I think it’s going to be a good fight, but I just plan on coming out on top.”

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