The UFC Invades China

Written by Tom Ngo
January 27th, 2010

The UFC announced Tuesday afternoon they have taken another monumental step towards achieving global dominance. The world’s biggest MMA organization has partnered with Sohu.com to stream live UFC pay-per-views in China.

“China is one of the gateways to building UFC into the biggest sport in the world,” UFC president Dana White stated. “China is the cradle of martial arts; many of the styles that you see in the UFC were born in this country.

“With Sohu.com as our web partner, we look forward to presenting world-class fights and to bringing the great tradition of martial arts back to its homeland in China.”

Considering that China’s population is about 1.34 billion people, it’s clear why UFC brass focused their efforts towards further penetrating the Orient.

Sohu.com is one of the country’s largest Web portals and is expected to make the “UFC 109: Relentless” event on February 6th it’s first live stream.

The UFC currently has a television deal in place with China’s Inner Mongolia Television, known as NMTV. The outlet reaches nearly 80 million households and is available to 240 million total viewers.

NMTV dedicates roughly 16 monthly hours to UFC programming, including “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series, “UFC Unleashed” and “UFC All Access.”

NMTV also has the option to air recent UFC PPV broadcasts.

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