Tito Ortiz Looking to Fight for Another 3-5 Years

Written by Tom Ngo
February 13th, 2010

Good news for Tito Ortiz fans as the former UFC light heavyweight champ states that he wants to keep fighting for another 3-5 years. Bad news for Ortiz haters as MMA’s original bad boy intends to be around for a while.

“I want to make sure my career lasts a long time. I just turned 35, and I want to make sure my career lasts for another three years – five more years if I’m able to do it,” Ortiz recently stated. “I’d like to retire by then, but you never know. I just want to make sure I make the right decisions – don’t fight on emotions, which I do all the time.”

Although Ortiz hasn’t won a significant mixed martial arts fight since taking a controversial split decision over Forrest Griffin at UFC 59 back in April 2006, and holds a disappointing 0-3-1 record over his last four scraps, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” remains one of the sport’s biggest draws.

“I’ve fought hurt before and never said anything because I didn’t want to disappoint my fans by pulling out,” Ortiz said of his unparalleled popularity. “But I have to be smart this time around so I can be here for a long time. I can’t keep fighting when I am hurt.”

Ortiz has battled countless injuries en route to capturing his 15-7-1 overall record, however claims that he’s finally 100% healthy now and fans can expect to see Tito Ortiz circa 2000 when he faces longtime foe Chuck Liddell, which is expected to take place at UFC 115 on June 12th.

“I think [Liddell will be at his best],” Ortiz said. “Maybe a little slower, just because he’s older. Regardless, I will be ready to go.”

If Ortiz gets his way, it appears Octagon fans can look forward to another five years of Tito’s, “I’m back, baby” fist-pump routine every time a cage-side camera gets put in his face.

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