Affliction May Have Torched Xtreme Couture Bridge

Written by Tom Ngo
November 10th, 2008

Recently Affliction co-founder Todd Beard went on a national tirade of UFC management, and unfortunately UFC heavyweight champion and Affliction Clothing partner, Randy Couture, was caught in the cross fire. Due to Beard’s harsh remarks and uncalled for antics, he may have cost the company their most popular fighter and the world’s most marketable female fighter.

Couture has been such an integral part of Affliction Clothing’s growth, they offered him his own line under their brand, “Xtreme Couture.” He helped the popular brand sign some of MMA’s most popular fighters, as well as providing them with the greatest stage to promote their key demographic, the UFC.

“Randy, if you’re listening right now, I hope (expletive) Lesnar kills you,” Beard stated about Couture’s UFC 91 opponent while appearing on the Scott Ferrall Show.

Beard’s statements left Couture in a complete state of confusion, and may have cost him their partnership.

“I really don’t understand where Todd Beard’s coming from in his attack to me, my wife, and my attorney…I don’t understand it,” Couture stated. “He feels there’s this adversarial relationship created and I just don’t get it. It’s gone beyond kind of the antics of being a promoter…”

“Frankly, it’s a bunch of crap and I don’t need anymore crap in my life, so focus on the positive, which is this fight which is in two weeks and let the rest of that stuff go,” Couture continued. “He’s been a bit of a loose cannon our entire relationship. Now he’s pushed it over the line where it’s not re-salvageable.”

In addition to possibly losing Couture, Affliction may have lost out on signing female MMA superstar Gina Carano. Carano has been a faithful member of the Xtreme Couture camp for years, and Kim Couture, Randy’s wife, has been a friend and mentor to her outside of the cage.

With her impending free agency from the soon-to-be defunct EliteXC, Carano and Christine “Cyborg” Santos are shopping around their super fight to various MMA promotions, and it seems as though Affliction involuntarily took themselves out of the running.

“That’s the fight everybody wants to see, Carano stated. “[However] There’s a bit of a barrier between me and Affliction. You know, with Randy and that whole thing. ”

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