Lesnar Has Been Here Before

Written by Tom Ngo
November 13th, 2008

This may be only Brock Lesnar’s fourth professional fight, and his first for a title, however the unproven heavyweight feels that he has seen this all before, as if it were déjà vu. The stage and the opponent might be different, but the inexperienced challenger seems quite comfortable entering his UFC 91 bout against UFC champion Randy Couture. Whether you think he is ready or not, here he comes.

“I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle in front of 72,000 people,” Lesnar stated. “That’s entertainment, but you’re still in front of a large crowd. I’ve headlined many pay-per-views. This will just be another one. There’s one thing of having experience, and there’s another of just not knowing any different, either. And I just don’t know any different.”

One reason for Lesnar’s confidence may stem from the distinct size advantage he will have over the UFC Hall of Famer.  Lesnar is one of the few heavyweights that actually has to cut down to make the 265 pound weight limit. Come fight time, look for the challenger to have at least a 40 pound weight advantage over Couture.

“We’re going to push around 230 pounds,” Lesnar said. “Randy’s got to push around 275 pounds. There’s one thing for me that I understand very well. Randy has fought big guys, but they don’t know to wrestle. There’s a difference, and Randy knows that, too.”

Despite the former professional wrestler’s lack of experience, his overwhelming size advantage places him as a slight favorite (-125) over Couture (-105). However Lesnar isn’t about to read too much into that, as he has seen Couture walk away with this hand raised far too many times when he enters a fight as an underdog.

“I wouldn’t even consider Randy as an underdog,” Lesnar said. “Randy is a tough son of a bitch. Randy is not an underdog against Gonzaga, nor was he an underdog against Tim Sylvia. I never thought that he was in any of those fights. Randy is a world class athlete, regardless of his age.

“Everybody has always said that Randy Couture has great conditioning,” Lesnar said. “We’re going to test that. I pushed myself to the farthest extremes in this camp. I’m not fighting a slouch, and I know that.”

Like him or not, think that he is a legitimate MMA fighter or not, one thing is for certain, Lesnar seems to enjoy MMA. Whether it was in a loss to Frank Mir, or a dominating win over Heath Herring, Lesnar is all smiles after his fights. That is just who he is, so don’t expect that to change just because the stakes have been raised.

“I just put my head down and go,” Lesnar said of his approach. “There’s one thing for sure that will shine through on [Saturday night], I’ll be having a lot of fun. I’ll be enjoying myself that evening. And I’m coming there for a fight, and I’m going to have fun doing it.”

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