WEC Executive Reed Harris: Tito Ortiz is “Full of S***”

Written by Tom Ngo
February 4th, 2010

While appearing as a guest on Dave and Mahoney in the Morning, WEC general manager Reed Harris quickly dispelled Tito Ortiz’ accusation that Chuck Liddell is an alcoholic.

“No, it’s not true at all. He’s full of [expletive],” said Harris. “Let me tell you what Chuck told me, he’s gonna break his head open. [Chuck’s] pissed!”

In case you missed it, during last Monday’s “The Ultimate Fighter 11” media day in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ortiz praised his longtime rival for finally coming to terms with his addiction.

“I think [Liddell] had a problem,” Ortiz said. “A lot of people go through addiction. I think his deal was he was an alcoholic. He loved to party.

“When you have all the money in the world and you can do what you want, no one tells you, ‘No.’ You’re one of the baddest men on the Earth; no one tells you, ‘No.’ You can do what you want.”

So Tito, who finally sacked-up and had the come-to-Jesus talk with MMA’s biggest rockstar?

“Thank God that [UFC president Dana White] gave [Liddell] an intervention, and he’s sober now,” Ortiz said. “He’s been sober since November, and he looks like a different person. It’s awesome. I’m proud of him – really proud of him. A lot of people can’t do that. I kind of went through that myself, but I looked in the mirror and I realized that wasn’t the life I wanted to lead.

“I’m proud he’s found sobriety. A lot of fighters, and a lot of people in general, don’t do that. They fall off the face of the earth, and sometimes they’ll find them in a hotel, dead, or behind a wheel, dead. Thank God Chuck isn’t one of those guys. Thank God he found sobriety, and I’m proud of him – very proud of him.”

No word on why Ortiz would make up such outrageous claims, or why Mr. Jameson would bring such private matters to light – if they prove to be true. Most likely, he’s just doing what he does best, annoy the hell out of his opponent and promote the hell out of a fight.

The TUF 11 coaches are rumored to face-off at UFC 115 at the GM Place in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. There’s a ton of time between now and June 12th, so believe this is only the beginning of their verbal sparring session.

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