Kang Talks About Decision to Join UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
November 23rd, 2008

After many years of promotion hopping, middleweight Denis Kang has finally decided to test his talents in the world’s best MMA organization. Kang, who holds an impressive 31-10-1 professional record, has been regarded as one of the world’s best 185-pound fighters for many years, however most American fans have never seen him fight. Kang is prepared to show the UFC fans what all the hoopla is about.

“It’s a combination of different things. The negotiation went well and for me being a free agent and all, I mean I just think the timing was right,” Kang stated about his new employer. “UFC is at its peak, there’s no other organizations that are close in my opinion, so I think it was only fitting that I make my move.”

The UFC will also provide Kang with unparralled exposure. One fight under the UFC’s bright lights and big stage could garner him the same amount of recognition that would have taken years to accomplish in Japan. 

“There’s a lot of pretenders to the throne, but none of them can really secure a strong foothold and get that position that the UFC’s in right now,” Kang added. “They’ve got the whole sport branded.”

Also, Kang will finally get to show his loved ones that he is indeed one of the world’s best fighters. And at last, they can actaully watch him fight live.

“I’m finally going to be able to have all my friends and family watch me fight live, that’s a huge thing right there,” he said.

His debut couldn’t have come at a better time, with the UFC desperately seeking talent to add to their most depth-deprived division. Although Kang hopes to one day challenge UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva for his title, he isn’t looking too far past his UFC 93 opponent, Alan Belcher.

“Of course I’m confident, and I feel I’ve got what it takes to be the best, but I think that I also have to prove it in the Octagon,” Kang commented about his place in the middleweight division. “I’m seriously taking one fight at a time right now.”

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