“Strikeforce: Miami” Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
January 30th, 2010

“Strikeforce: Miami” took place Saturday night inside the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

The star-studded card was headlined by an open welterweight title fight between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ace Nick Diaz and Dream champion Marius Zaromskis.

The Showtime broadcast also featured women’s champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos making her first title defense against Marloes Coenen, as well as the Strikeforce debuts of former NFL great Herschel Walker and TNA wrestling star Bobby Lashley.

Preliminary Bouts:

John Kelly Defeated Sabah Homasi via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:48 in the 2ndRound.
Hayder Hassan Defeated Ryan Keenan via TKO at 2:42 in the 2ndRound
Pablo Alfonso Defeated Marcos DaMatta via Submission (Arm Bar) at 1:47 in the 1stRound
David Gomez Defeated Craig Oxley via Unanimous Decision (30-37 – All Three Judges)
Joe Ray Defeated John Clarke via TKO at 3:14 in the 1stRound
Jay Hieron Defeated Joe Riggs via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Michael Byrnes (154.5) vs. David Zitnik (164)*

Main Bouts:

Bobby Lashley Defeated Wes Sims via TKO (Strikes) at 2:06 in the 1stRound
1stRound: Sims starts with some mind games but Lashley is having none of it. Lashley throws the first strikes and scores a double leg takedown. Sims is trying to control Lashley’s posture but is eating short rabid strikes to the side of his head. Lashley starts to pound Sims as out the referee jumps in and stops the bout. Sims got up after the stoppage to contest it as he was visibly upset about what could’ve been a quick stoppage.

Robbie Lawler Defeated Melvin Manhoef via KO (Punch) at 3:33 in the 1stRound
1stRound: Lawler starts witha  jump kick and Manhoef returns fire with a right high kick that was blocked. Lawler throws a left head kick that misses and eats a right body kick from the muay-thai specialist Manhoef. Another body kick lands for Manhoef as he continues to take the center of the cage and lands a punch kick combination. Lawler looks to be limping on his lead leg which has been attacked by Manhoef. Lawler eats another leg kick but counters with a an overhand right that drops Manhoef and comes down with a left that knocks him out cold in a scene reminiscent to Scott Smith’s comeback victory over Cung Le.

Herschel Walker Defeated Greg Nagy via TKO (Strikes) at 2:17 in the 3rdRound
1stRound: The former football player starts by throwing a left jab and a right leg kick to Nagy. Walker begins to wiggle his hips to get the crowdy going and tells Nagy “come on!” and begins to reign down strikes. Nagy begins to transition into a leg submission attempt but gets pretzled by Walker as he continues to throw punches from the top. Nagy finally makes his move for a heel hook but Walker is able to maintain his composure and escape. Walker gets a crucifix position and lands more punches as the round comes to an end.

2ndRound: Walker lands another pair of leg kicks to Nagy’s lead leg and scores a takedown and lands in side control. Nagy gives up his back and Walker is moving towards a rear naked choke but Nagy gives up the full mount now as Walker controls one of Nagy’s arms to land strikes, Nagy is able to escape and get back to his feet as the crowd asks for a knee and Walker lands a knee to Nagy’s head. Walker is dominating the positioning once again as he is in side control trying to land punches or look for a submission. The NFL great transitions to his back again and lands more punches to Nagy’s head. The referee tells Nagy to improve his position but he has no answer for Walker’s ground control with the 2ndRound coming to a close.

3rdRound: Nagy throws an overhand right to start the final round, Walker avoids the punch, pushes Nagy against the cage and take Nagy down again. Nagy goes for an armbar attempt and Walker once again gets out of danger and gets back into the full mount with Nagy’s head up against the cage. Walker starts to throw down multiple strikes with his left hand as Walker has his back again. The referee finally steps in as Nagy put up no attempt to get out of danger.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos Defeated Marloes Coenen via TKO (Strikes) at 3:40 in the 3rdRound
1stRound: Coenen throws a front kick to start and Cyborg counters with an overhand right. The ladies get into the clinch and circle each other off the fence. Coene throws a big elbow that misses as they separate. Coene lands a straight punch to Cyborg’s face but gets taken down and lands in the full guard. Cyborg lands a big punch from the top and gets back into the guard. Cyborg gets back to her feet and teh referee stands Coenen back up. Cyborg begins teeing off on Coenen’s face who is hanging in tough and withstands the storm. Both fighters start throwing bombs but nothing lands for either side.

2ndRound: Coenen scores a left hook but eats Cyborg’s combination and lands on her back as she loses her balance. The fight moves back tot heg round with Cyborg in Coenen’s full guard. Coenen throws a big right hand but misses and eats a short left for her troubles. Cyborg lands a body kick and a left jab. Coenen shoots in for a double leg but gets stuffed and gets taken down again. The champion dominates another round.

3rdRound: Coenen still can’t take Cyborg down but has the champ up against the cage. Cyborg throws Coenen down again and lands in half guard. Coenen continues to eat bombs from Cyborg but when the fighters get up, Coenen lands a big right hook but Cyborg shrugs it off and starts to get back into the ground and pound as the referee stops the bout.

Nick Diaz Defeated Marius Zaromskis via TKO (Strikes) at 4:38 in the 1stRound
1stRound: Zaromskis starts with a punch combination and Diaz fires back. Both guys are getting after it earlier, Diaz clinches Zaromskis up against the cage and lands knees to Zaromskis thigh repeatedly for over a minute straight. Diaz is landing straight lefts with his reach advantage. Zaromskis lands a big left hook and drops Diaz but he’s able to survive and get back to his feet. Diaz is starting to land his punches at will and eats a big uppercut that has Zaromskis covering up and trying to get through the round. Diaz lands an overhand right and drops Zaromskis as the referee stops the fight.

* – Due to time constraints, Strikeforce was trying to squeeze the Byrnes/Zitnik fight in just before the live Showtime broadcast in order for the Hieron/Riggs contest to begin on time. However, there doesn’t appear to be enough time. More information as news develops.

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