Lesnar in a Good Place

Written by Tom Ngo
November 26th, 2008

It’s good to be a champion, just ask newly crowned UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.  The former WWE wrestler found himself in a title fight just four bouts into his professional career, and was able to knockout a living legend in Randy Couture to earn himself the crown. A star was born the night of UFC 91, and he intends to stay.

“I’m at peace with my life,” Lesnar said. “I’m at peace with God. I’m at peace with my family, and I’m at peace in the fight game right now. Whether I come across cocky or confident, take it either way that you think it’s coming across. I’m enjoying my life…”

Things weren’t always this bright for the former All-American wrestler from Minnesota. After blowing out both of his knees while competing for the WWE, Lesnar found himself dependent upon pain killers and vodka to help him through the long days.

He was able to fight his way out of the darkness, and has landed directly in the middle of the UFC’s spotlight. Although he may have seemed to find his calling, he states that he will always be a wrestler at heart, the amateur kind.

“I’m here to represent amateur wrestling,” Lesnar said. “I’m an amateur wrestler at heart, and I always will be.”

When asked if his latest MMA feat will encourage other professional wrestlers to make the jump to MMA, Lesnar was quick to dispel their abilities to accomplish what he has.

“What it does for professional wrestling?” Lesnar wondered about his championship status. “I really don’t care. Will there be other pro wrestlers that can make this transition? Absolutely not. None of them have the background that I do.”

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