Strikeforce’s Jay Hieron Could Be Headed Back to UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
February 1st, 2010

Jay Hieron was hoping he had earned a shot at the welterweight title after posting a dominant win over Joe Riggs at Saturday’s “Strikeforce: Miami” event, but all he received was an uncertain future which could open the door for a potential Octagon return.

“He has an exclusive negotiating period with Strikeforce, but beyond that he is (a free agent), he has no more fights left on his deal,” Hieron’s agent, Ken Pavia, told MMAWeekly.com. “There’s an exclusive negotiating period, and then there’s also a right to match, which is pretty standard in the industry at this point.”

Hieron holds an impressive 19-4 professional record and has been perfect through his last seven scraps, a run which saw him capture the IFL welterweight crown. Unfortunately, all of the Xtreme Couture-trained fighter’s success has come outside of the Octagon’s fences as he holds a 0-2 mark in the UFC.

“You’ve got to consider every option and opportunity for a fighter. You’ve ultimately got to weigh the benefits and the detriments for everyone. It’s basic logic, you’ve got to consider everything,” Pavia added.

The MMA super agent said they have enjoyed their two fights with the San Jose-based organization, however expressed regret that his client was never given the opportunity to fight on the televised portion of either Strikeforce show.

“That being said, he’s not unhappy with Strikeforce,” Pavia continued. “I mean he’s unhappy he hasn’t made television and it affects his sponsorship money. He’s unhappy that he didn’t get to fight for the title shot, but we also recognize that it’s not all Strikeforce’s fault. There are a lot of different issues that come into play, so it’s not to say we wouldn’t have issues if we were in the UFC, or with a Japanese organization.”

But at the end of the day, it’s not brain surgery. If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense.

“If they tell you it’s not about money, they’re lying. It’s always about money,” Pavia said. “That’s an overwhelming factor. And time and time again, people say it’s not about the money, they’re lying to you. It’s always, always, always about the money, but everything else does chip away at that ultimate motivating factor.

“I think there’s a multiplicity of factors and money being the number one factor, but not the only factor. There’s television, there’s title opportunities, there’s opponents, there’s timing, there’s so many factors that come into play and as an agent we go out and cultivate the opportunities, and try to maximize every element out there.”

Let the bidding begin!

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