Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 13th, 2007

Many MMA fans may be familiar with the Ultimate Fighter and the current PPV’s and events that we see on Spike TV however the UFC and MMA in general was not always so easily accepted by the media and fans. Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time will be aired tonight on CNBC at 7:00pm with a repeat at 10:00pm I encourage our 5thround.com fans to watch this program to gain a better understanding of where MMA started and how it evolved to the sport it is today. This in depth documentary tells about the controversy of Senator John McCain going against MMA publicly and banning it from cable TV. The documentary is broken up into 5 rounds that sounds familiar huh?

The first round is a profile of current UFC CEO Dana White as he talks about the evolution of the sport of mixed martial arts. Round 2 goes back to the more barbaric beginnings of the UFC where there were no weight classes, gloves, and groin shots were allowed. We also get to hear this information directly from Rorian Gracie the brother of Royce Gracie and the man who started the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Round 3 is the in depth fighter section where we follow former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin and we get to understand what it’s like to enter the octagon for the first time. Round 4 consists of the marketing potential of Mixed Martial Arts with clothing companies, movie deals and training facilities. We learn about the success of Tapout which is one of the top clothing companies in the world of MMA. Round 5 is a section that should be interesting to all fight fans the documentary examines the popularity of MMA versus the popularity of Boxing. Boxing has been around for much longer in the sports arena and fighters such as Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya are making enough where they could buy and sell UFC fighters like baseball cards so hopefully the documentary will shed some light on the drastic difference in pay scale. So no matter if you are a true MMA fan or a new MMA fan just starting to watch this sport you should not miss this interesting documentary that may help to answer the questions that we all want answers to. Check your local listings for channel and time don’t forget to set your Tivo’s 5th rounders.

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