Beard Resigns from Affliction

Written by Tom Ngo
November 14th, 2008

Two days after Kim Couture, wife of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, was granted a temporary restraining order against Affliction’s Todd Beard, the brash co-owner has resigned from the company.  According the the release, Affliction executives were aware of his resignation late Thursday evening, and that he will be seeking assistance for anger management and alcohol abuse.

“I would like to apologize for my comments that may have offended Kim and Randy Couture and (Couture attorney) Mr. (Sam) Spira,” Beard stated in a press release. “I had a long-standing relationship with the Coutures, and I was deeply and emotionally hurt by some of their recent business decisions. I have only the best of intentions for the success of the Affliction and Xtreme Couture clothing brands and understand that there are personal issues I must address.”

Beard, whose involvement with Affliction Clothing is independent of its MMA sector, was accused of  “terrorizing” both of the Coutures after they had asked for Affliction’s “accounting of profits.” The Coutures run, “Xtreme Couture,” a clothing line under the Affliction brand.

Yesterday, The OCRegister brought many of Beard’s previous legal issues to light. In 1993, Beard was convicted in Arizona of forgery and illegal telemarketing. Then in 1995, he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in federal prison following a California conviction of federal mail and wire fraud. In 2000, Beard served additional jail time in a California county jail after being convicted of driving while under the influence.

Affliction Entertainment issued the following statement regarding Beard’s dismissal from the company:

“Mr. Beard to its knowledge, is nether an officer, director, or a shareholder of Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. as stated in several periodicals.”

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