The NFL Won’t Fine Rex Ryan For Gesture at “Strikeforce: Miami”

Written by Tim Ngo
February 4th, 2010

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was fined by the team for flipping the bird to some fans at last Saturday’s “Strikeforce: Miami” event, but the NFL won’t be following suit.

We reported on the Jets fining on Tuesday and learned of the NFL’s decision to not fine earlier this morning.

Here’s an excerpt from the Associated Press from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the incident:

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will not be fined by the NFL for making an obscene gesture at a mixed-martial-arts event last weekend.

League spokesman Greg Aiello said yesterday that Ryan would not face additional discipline by the NFL after the Jets fined him $50,000 on Tuesday.

Immediately following the fining, Ryan issued an apology saying that his actions were “stupid and inappropriate.”

That’s probably what makes Ryan the perfect coach for the Jets. He’s a tough guy who brings them the attitude they need, plus you gotta love the fact that he watches MMA.

Hopefully next time, Ryan will decide to be the bigger person and stick his tongue out instead.

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