WWE: Lesnar is First Ever WWE and UFC Champion

Written by Tom Ngo
November 17th, 2008

Two days after former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar defeated UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture at UFC 91 for his title, the popular professional wrestling organization posted a congratulatory statement to their former three-time champion. However it wasn’t all happy talk for the WWE, as they managed to take a jab at the UFC’s unpredictable pay-per-view events.

“In a stunning upset, Brock Lesnar became the first man to capture both the WWE Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship when he defeated UFC fan favorite Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture on Saturday night in Sin City,” stated the WWE.

Their opening statement was somewhat inaccurate, as Lesnar actually entered his fight against the UFC Hall of Famer as a slight favorite (-140).

“For his part, Lesnar took the encouragement of the WWE Universe and the hard lessons forged during his fiery time at WWE and showed UFC and the world why he is not only a man of mettle but also a former three-time WWE Champion,” their statement continued.

There seems to be no hard feelings from the WWE towards Lesnar. At one point, he was their most popular wrestler, however decided to walk away well before his time was up to pursue other avenues. In addition, he left their $40-plus million contract offer on the table.

Although the WWE holds no resentment towards Lesnar, there seems to be some animosity towards his current employer. More specifically, the UFC’s ability to consistently put on quality pay-per-view events.

“Critics have noted that many of the fights on the UFC pay-per-view ended in the 1stRound, leaving UFC producers scrambling to fill the three-hour event with content,” the release states. “The dearth of hearty competition left many viewers to watch less prestigious under-card fights and only served to bolster claims that UFC pay-per-view events can often be a ‘crap shoot’ in regards to filling the full three hours.”

Perhaps the UFC should offer WWE owner Vince McMahon a $44.95 refund as a gesture of good will.

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