Franklin: Machida is "a Boring Fighter"

Written by Tom Ngo
November 24th, 2008

Two years ago, Rich Franklin was sitting on top of the UFC middleweight division. He hadn’t lost a fight in nearly three years and held an almost perfect 20-1 record. His only loss at the time? It was to Lyoto Machida back in 2003, when the Brazilian TKO’ed him in the 2ndRound. Currently, only Machida and UFC champion Anderson Silva hold wins over him, however he isn’t too impressed with Machida’s “boring” fighting style.

“The thing about a Machida fight that isn’t appealing to me is that stylistically, Machida is kind of a boring fighter,” Franklin stated.”That’s not a putdown. It’s not a putdown. He’s very, very effective. He’s good at what he does. He’s constantly backing away and forces his opponent into mistakes, and that’s how he catches you.”

Machida hasn’t changed much of his technique since they last fought, as he is known as one of the most elusive MMA fighters in the world. However, that certainly doesn’t make him “boring,” it makes him smart. I believe they teach it in MMA 101, if someone tries to hit you, move.

However, Franklin does have insight on the best way to attack Machida, which might come in handy considering that they both are fighting in the same 205-pound weight class again.

“In order to beat [Machida], you really have to fight an intelligent fight, and I think that by not over-committing yourself on things, it’s going to create a situation where you’re not putting on a fight that’s really exciting for the fans,” Franklin said.

In essence, Franklin states that you have to beat “boring” with “better boring.”

Unfortunately for Franklin, saying this five years after the fact, it simply comes off as sour grapes.

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