GSP vs. Penn II, What Legends are Made of

Written by Tom Ngo
January 31st, 2009

You become a champion in the sport by beating other fighters, however you achieve legendary status when you are able to defeat the sport’s greats. That is exactly what UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn and welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre will be striving for at UFC 94. The two will square off in a rematch of epic proportions, with the winner inching one step closer to achieving legendary status. 

“These two fought already. They fought to a close split decision. (St-Pierre’s) not the fighter he was, (Penn’s) not the fighter he was when they fought. They’re both in a better place. They’re both in their prime,” stated UFC president Dana White. “BJ is going to move up and try to take Georges’ 170-pound title.”

Penn, who once held the UFC’s 170-pound title, said that it was a no-brainer when the organization offered him an opportunity to avenge his loss to the French-Canadian, even if he had to jump up a weight class to do it.

“Everybody out there says that Georges St-Pierre is the best in the world,” said a motivated Penn. “Forget the first fight. I want to find out. I want to find out if he is the best in the world.”

GSP was quick to echo Penn’s sentiments regarding the bout’s significance.

“When you are a champion in a weight class, you have to fix your goal even higher,” said St-Pierre. “I don’t want to fight to be champion anymore because I am already champion. I want to fight to become a legend in the sport. That is what this fight will give me.”

White knows exactly what he has on his hands when these two clash at UFC 94. Both fighters are currently in their prime and are capable of setting new UFC gate and pay-per-view records come Super Bowl weekend.

“Once you win the title and you accomplish so many things in the fight business, then it becomes about legendary status, making your mark, going down as one of the greatest fighters of all- time. I think now is the time,” stated White. “This is the kind of stuff that will make one of these guys a legend.”

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