Tito Ortiz: “I Said Paybacks Are A [Expletive]”

Written by Tim Ngo
February 7th, 2010

Immediately following Mark Coleman’s submission loss to Randy Couture at “UFC 109: Relentless”, Tito Ortiz used the opportunity to rub salt into Coleman’s wounds by talking some trash from outside the Octagon.

Thanks to Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting, we now know exactly what Ortiz said … straight from Ortiz’ mouth.

“I said paybacks are a [expletive],” Ortiz explained. “He talked a bunch of [expletive] about my girl, my family, you don’t do that … I defended my family.”

If you want to watch the video of Helwani catching up with Ortiz immediately following the bout, press play below:

If you don’t remember, it was Mike DiSabato, Coleman’s manager, who went on a verbal tirade after Ortiz made comments about Coleman not being able to fight in their scheduled UFC 106 bout.

“The only thing Coleman is afraid of when it comes to Tito is contracting swine flu from that dirty ass d-bag. We all know where he lays his head down at night. Tito wants to get personal with a legend? OK, let’s get personal – we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night,” DiSabato told Fighter’s Only at the time.

With Coleman on his way out of the UFC and possibly MMA, it looks like we’ll never get to see a match-up between Ortiz and Coleman to settle the score.

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