Anderson Silva's Goal: Retire by 35

Written by Tom Ngo
November 21st, 2008

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva created quite a stir around the MMA world in September when he hinted that his days as a fighter are numbered. Regarded by some as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game, Silva hasn’t changed his stance on his desired retirement age of 35. If that holds true, Silva will only have 18 months to complete the remaining five fights on his UFC contract.

“Here’s the situation, his goal when we signed with the UFC was for him to retire at 35 years old,” stated his manager, Ed Soares. “That was the goal, and I think we need to keep that goal in check. We work to follow through with that goal. Now, he’s 35 in only 18 months, so ideally, my goal as his manager is to put him in a situation financially so that when he’s 35, if he feels like retiring, he’ll be able to retire.

“But that doesn’t mean he will necessarily retire at 35. … At the end of the day, man, when (he) gets to 35, he could feel like he has a few more fights in him.”

Up until his last match against Patrick Cote at UFC 90, Silva hadn’t been pushed past the 2ndRound of any UFC fight. He is currently riding a nine-fight winning streak, and seems to be disenchanted with the challengers that the UFC has put in front of him.

Soares will be looking to change that quickly.

“Next week I’m meeting with (UFC President) Dana (White), and hopefully we finalize who his opponent is and where it’s going to be,” Soares said.

The rumor is that the UFC will be offering Silva a light heavyweight matchup against former UFC champ Chuck Liddell at UFC 95. Although Liddell appears to be two years past his prime, the name alone should get Silva’s blood pressure up.

“He wants to fight against the best,” Soares said about Silva’s interests. “Whoever the best is, that’s who we want to fight. If whoever the world, the fans, want to see, that’s what we’re here to do. Anderson never picks his opponents. He wants to fight against the best, and if it happens to be at 205 pounds, he’ll fight at 205. If it happens to be at 185 pounds as a title defense, it’ll be a 185-pound title defense. Anderson just wants to put on history-making fights.”

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